Workshops for adults

Experiential and training workshops at social centers and cultural institutions

Workshops on the construction of masks

During these workshops, Spiritree leads participants through an original mask making technique which is within the reach of everyone:

  • layering of papier mâché strips on a neutral mask
  • creation and characterization of the mask’s features using newspaper and masking tape
  • layering papier mâché strips on these new forms
  • coloration of the mask with shoe polish

In the following video a group of actors with no prior experience in mask making, create the Commedia dell’Arte mask that each one will wear in a theatrical production. The mask making experience gives the actor the advantage of getting to know his/her character in a tangible way.

Residential summer workshops

The summer workshops in art, theatre and creativity typically last for ten days.

Spiritree welcomes the participation of those who wish to revitalize their life journey by honoring their talents; those who wish to enrich their professional lives through art-making; those who are interested in theatre and wish to explore new techniques; those who are simply attracted to a creative process infused with alternative approaches to the stressful rhythms and patterns often found in daily life; and finally, those who believe that “art is not done to decorate apartments”.

The Spiritree artists, Marco and Carol offer art-making and theatre techniques in the spirit of nurturing the individual and group process:

  • practices to prepare the body, mind, spirit
  • ancient circle dances
  • personal encounters with the power of gesture and movement
  • theatre games and improvisation
  • the transformation of recyclable materials, paint and fabric into objects of art

Residencies in schools

Spiritree conducts thematically-defined, interdisciplinary, in-school residencies. Students are empowered by the acquisition of new techniques for self-expression as they create processional puppets, masks, murals and props. Furthermore, they sharpen their skills in problem-solving, critical thinking, decision-making and group interaction as they work cooperatively to bring their creative expression to life through performances and/or installations.

The artists collaborate with the school staff to ensure the quality of this process. Together, they choose a theme which will be meaningful to the school, identifying curriculum tie-ins and developing creative student research projects to enhance the learning experience.

An installation in a school - the process

The art museum is an example of a residency with fourth graders at an elementary school in NJ .

The video shows how a school was transformed into an art museum.