The Bottega (art studio) of Spiritree is located at Piazza Vallauri, 5 in the Garbatella neighborhood of Rome, Italy. Spiritree is organized as a non-profit cultural association in Italy. Its mission is to promote and facilitate activities aimed at broadening personal expression, communication and the development of the individual’s creative potential.

The permanent workshop in papier mâché sculpture operates year-round at the Bottega.

The Bottega is home to courses in numerous techniques in paper art, workshops in expressive gesture and movement, exhibits, performances, cultural symposiums and more.

Watch the video below for a sampling of the work created by Spiritree participants.

Special Spiritree Projects

Caravaggio: gesture and light

is an example of a workshop in creativity and performance art held at the Bottega.

A close observation of Caravaggio’s paintings was the springboard into the study of the potent narrative energy of gesture, facial expression, body language and light.

The objective of this workshop was to apply the lessons learned from Caravaggio to living paintings capable of retelling The Judgement of Paris, a Greek myth.

The transformation of a chair

was an installation created by the permanent papier mâché workshop.

It took a group of artists, each with an identical chair, a bit of fantasy, a few months work and voilà the chairs became objects of art.


was an installation created by the permanent papier mâché workshop.

Tufa, in English, is a volcanic rock that has been used as a building material for centuries in Italy.

Walls can divide and walls can protect, but if only walls could speak...

An ancient wall becomes the witness to history and to the human life that has unfolded before it.

That was the inspiration for the installation. Each artist contributed a sculptural element that emerged from the talking  wall, entirely created in papier mâché.